Saturday, January 07, 2006



1/4 kg potatoes and green peas combined
2 onions
2 twigs mint leaves
2 green chillis
2 twigs of cilantro (Coriander)
Maida (Wheat flour)
a little olive oil


Steam the potatoes and peas separately.
Cut the onions into small slices.
Add some olive oil in a fry pan.
Add onions and cut green hot chillies and sauté the onions until it turns transparent.
Add the vegetables and sauté them while stirring, until they are completely cooked.
Add mint leaves and coriander leaves (cilantro).
Mix maida (Wheat flour) with water to make a stiff dough, knead it well.
Roll into even sized balls and make into round shape using a roller.
Cut into 2 semi-circles.
Place the curry and fold on three sides to make into a cone shape.
Deep fry until it becomes crisp.

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